Super Colorful Disneyland Picture, Awesome !!!

Here's more colorful picture from the awesome fun Disneyland, and here's how I spend my day at Disneyland.

I would plan my day ahead if I want to visit Disneyland, because I don't want to stuck at traffic, we usually leave about 10 or 11am. We get 2 backpacks, one to put in the car with extra water, one to bring inside the park with a bottle of water. Depends on the weather I would bring extra cloth or hat; in the hot summer day, we bring hat and in the night or cold days, we bring jacket and scarf. Of course we have to bring cash and credit card and our annual pass. I also bring a wallet full of quarter and new pennies for my penny collection. When we get to the parking lot, we show our pass to get in free to park; then follow the orange cones or the car infront of us to find a place to park. Get our backpack and get down to the first level and get on the tram.

Get into the park show our passes and check the backpacks. There's restroom and ATM and lockers outside the entrance. Get the map and figure out where we want to eat, usually we get in around lunch time. We would pick a restaurant and go to that part of the park. Get in line, get our food, show our passes to save money. Always remember to show your passes to save money, it doesn't work on the food cart outdoors. 

We usually just go there to eat and shop, when we have extra time or have enough energy, we find a ride to go on. But we always bring our cameras to take pictures. We almost visit all the restaurants and shops inside the park but everytime we go there, there's always something new to see and something fun to do. I love window shopping and actual shopping and people watching. I know all the new product it come out because everytime I go there, I would notice which product is new or old. 

I get to take different kinds of picture everytime I go there. And it also depends on the cameras I brought. The better one is of course more heavy and I have a lighter one and cell phone too. Just recently I brought a autograph and photo album book, so I'll be starting to take picture with the characters and get their autograph too. The thing I don't like is that they don't allow those small wheel backpack/suitcase for safety reason, or else I would use that to carry my stuff around. We also brought different size sandwich bag and supermarket plastic bags. What's those for? For bringing the left over food of course. I have seem a lot of people left their food on the plate and it's usually more than half and they wouldn't carry it with them or finish it. It's a waste of money consider Disneyland food is quite expensive. 

Before we leave, we can go to the big store at main street to shop or bring some snack home. We usually leave before 5-6pm if we go in the morning. Sometimes during the hot summer days, we go after 7-8pm and stay till they closed. All the shops at main street will remain open for one more hour after the park closed. So we sat at the main street, shopping and get some snack or just watching people leaving. We always have a fun day at Disneyland, well, except when I can't buy the stuff I want. 



More cool awesome colorful Disneyland Picture plus my comments

Here's more colorful Disneyland picture that I changed to a new view from photoshop. And in today's blog I'm going to talk about things I like and dislike in Disneyland.

1. I love Disneyland, it's full of magic, it's a place that you can have fun, enjoy the rides, foods, Disney characters, buildings, merchandise and people from around the world. This is one of those rare place in the world that you can only find certain items and nowhere else. They always have new products depends on season and year; and every time you go, you're not going to bump into the same people that visit and work there. There's always new things to do, new food to eat, and new stuff to buy.

2. What I don't like is the price, you have to pay admission fee to go in; and when you're hungry you have to buy food. When just before you leave the park, you want to buy gifts for your family and friends. It all adds up and even if you have annual pass with a discount of 15%-20% off, it's still a lot. It might be okay for those who visit only once a year or once every couple years, but for people like me who goes there at least once a month, the price is not fun at all. I understand they have lots of bills to pay but it would be so much nicer if the price wouldn't increase too much. I remember just couple years ago, a key chain is only $5-7 now it's up to $7-9, very rarely you can find things under $5 anymore. 

3. I love the food at Disneyland, they taste unique, they look unique and you're not going to find it anywhere else. You can't get it to go and most restaurants you need to make reservation first. They have special Mickey shape waffle, pancakes, cookie and other snacks. And the snacks are the only few cheap things you can buy at the park anyways. So if you can't afford a toy or cloth get a cookie. There's different types of food around the park, so if you eat at one restaurant each time, it would take you many years to go through all the restaurants. The budget fits too, there's cheap snack from $5-10, fast food style food from $12-15 per person, and there expensive restaurant from $20-45 per person. So you can pick the food you like, the budget you like and the location you like when you dine at Disneyland; and if you're lucky, you can have character dine with you too. 

4. I love people watching at Disneyland, there are people around the world coming here all the time. You can hear them talking in different language, dress in different clothing and have different kinds of phone and cameras. You can not take any picture in the park without taking someone else's picture. It's just a fun collection to add to your Disney memories. Children are happy, adults are having fun too. But one of the bad thing about Disneyland is also the people that goes there, it's too many. The line at the popular rides is too long because too many people goes to Disneyland. Try to avoid weekend, monday and friday; one of the best day to go is tuesday and wednesday. Not only there's lines at the ride, there's also lines at the food stand, the shops, and the restrooms. Well, what can you do, it's a very popular and famous place. Disneyland not only represent Los Angeles, California, it also represent United States. Everybody in the world knows Disneyland and everybody wants to go. 

5. What I don't like about it is also the weather, well, this is sunny California so I'm not talking about rain. I'm talking about the sun. Disneyland is a big place, well, too big I think they didn't plant enough trees. The only place you can hide from the sun in the hot summer time is the store and resturant with air conditioner. Any place else like the ride, standing in the line waiting for the ride, fast food stand and in the middle of the street basically you're being cooked by the sun. What about the characters? How are they holding up? And how about the people that worked there has to wear costumes? Hot hot hot!!! The place is so big, by the time you really find a restaurant to go in, you probably walked about half a mile. If you think Disneyland is hot, wait till you go to California Adventure in the summer, they really don't have a lot of trees or shades. I try avoid going there in the day time in the summer. And going to the park at night is only an option for the annual pass holder, would you want to pay around $100 and only go to the park for couple hours at night? I really hope they plant more trees and add more shades. 

6. One of the best thing about going to Disneyland is that you can be a kid and you don't really have to be a kid. Sure, kids love Disneyland, the character, the magic feeling, the rides and meeting other kids; and the parents spoil them, letting them eat whatever they want, buy whatever they want. Because most people go there once a while not very often, they usually set some vacation money aside to enjoy those couple days they're in the park. What about the adults? It's heaven for adults too. Adults and feel like a kid and maybe act like a kid again. It's perfect for both adults and kids, no wonder it's called the happiest place on earth. I feel really happy when I go there, I love sitting at the restaurant enjoying my Disney cuisine and people watching. I love taking pictures and every time I go there I get to take different pictures. I love going into the shop and look at the new merchandise, taking pictures and see what other people are buying. I love just sit at a corner listen to the music or just the sound of being in Disneyland. It's a wonderful feeling and everytime I go to Disneyland I feel like a kid.  


A new take on Disneyland picture~~ photoshop, change of colors~~

Here's a new take on my 2012 Disneyland picture, I used photoshop to change the color on different pictures. You might seem these picture already on older post, but you might find a completely different new ways to looking at it. As an artist, I love color and I love playing with color. Photoshop is a great tool to brighten up the picture, to change color and play with your senses.

These 3 pictures of me is example of monotone, it's just one color, either back/white or red/black. It's different than the regular multi color picture we used to seem.

This is an example of playing with wild colors, it's an unusual type of picture that normally people don't send to their friends. But I love it, look at the shadow and the contrast of different pink color. It's just cool and unique.



 Here are the cool awesome color example of food. We are attracted by food first by its looks, we want to buy some food to eat because we're hungry. But we look at the food first instead of smelling them. Look at these pictures, doesn't it just make you hungry?

Some pictures I used one function on photoshop, some pictures I used many function, I play around with the picture and go back to see which one I liked. Good thing with years of practice, I can change a picture on photoshop pretty quick. Let's enjoy these pictures! 


Here's an example of simple and extreme color change. 

Here are some classic Disneyland picture with a new twist of color.

Some I change the color on the whole picture, some I just change part of it, it really makes a big difference. I can't wait to change more pictures and show it to you guys in the future. 


Classic modern Vegas view

Vegas is one of our favorite vacation spot, we go to Vegas once a year. I love taking lots of picture. Each time we pick a different new hotel to have our little afternoon walk after our big buffet lunch. I would just take picture like crazy. As you know, Vegas changed all the time, any view you see couple years ago could be gone next time you go. Here's a classic modern view of Vegas.

Vegas hotel used the best of the best contractor, designer and they have almost unlimited budget to buy luxury beautiful decor. It look like the world's most expensive house or palace, they take ideas from everywhere that's awesome, luxury, elegant and beautiful. It gives you that "whoa" factor, it makes your jaw drop and wants to take lots of picture. 

Everything is just screams expensive, expensive, expensive! Whoa, I wish I had this kind of room or this kind of house. Even the restroom is awe-----some!!!!!!!

Every detail is amazing, expensive, colorful, blow your mind "whoa".  I just love going to Vegas just walk into different hotels, browsing the stores that you never seen, look at the wallpaper that wows you, go to the restroom that you never thought could look so elegant. 

Each hotel has different theme, some is European theme, some is modern classic theme. Even thought each one is so awesome, they can always be surpass by other hotels, so they want to always come up with a better idea than the other hotels. Color is important, it's not just red, green, yellow, there are many different type red, green and yellow and other color. It's important to mix the right color with the right lighting. It can't be too over, or else it hurts the customer's eyes and they want to leave, it can't be too boring, or else they're moving to the next hotel. The lighting makes you feel comfortable but want to spend money, the decor makes you feel homey but makes you feel you're in an exotic place. 


More shopping at Disneyland

here's more picture of wonderful Disneyland shopping. ah, I want to buy all of these and have a room in my house just to display these cute stuff. 

prices at Disneyland has gone up over the years, if you buy a lot of stuff from Disneyland years ago, you are so lucky; before key chains and small items are about $2-5, now even the small items are about $5-10, if you can find anything less than $4 in the park, GET IT!!!

shopping at Disneyland is not just for kids anymore, they have a lot of grown up stuff too like household decoration, kitchen supply, clothing, jewelry, but sometimes different stores carry different stuff, so make sure you go around all the stores (oh yeah, they're everywhere, cuz they want your money) to look for the stuff you want to take home. one thing I do not like about shopping at Disneyland is that you will not get a shopping cart at all, so remember everything you brought you have to carry back to the train and parking lot and your car. 

different land sell different themes, so go shop at which ever land you like the most. key chains and magnets are mostly the same everywhere, sometimes small items like these have buy 3 save more sale, just be sure to ask the cashier. 

when you are at the store, ask cashier about special sales or items, sometimes small talks can get you a lot of discount, remember if you have annual pass, be sure to use it every single time. one time I was talking to one of the clerk, he told me some really expensive collections  will not take the annual pass discount. 

well, my advice is that if you're on a budget just buy small things, easy to carry, put it in your backpack. if you really want to buy the big and heavy stuff, wait till you leave the park, that way you don't have to carry it with you all day long. I believe they have a special service if you stay at the hotel in downtown Disney, if you pay a fee, they can get your stuff deliver to your hotel room. 

here's the cars land stuff only at Disney California Adventure, you're not going to find these at Disneyland.


ME at the wonderful awesome Disneyland!!! YEAH, SO HAPPY~~~~~

Over the years, I enjoy my trip at Disneyland, it's awesome, it's amazing, I wish when I was a kid, I would have digital camera, but I only have those old fashion film type camera. The bad thing about those old type camera is that you have to buy films which cost money and it comes in 24 or 36. Which means one trip you can only have 24-72 pictures. and the worst thing is that there's no preview or touch screen on the camera, so you have no idea if you shot a blurry picture or your eyes were closed or you didn't smile. 2004 isn't my first trip to Disneyland but somehow I couldn't find my old pictures so that's kindda sad. I want to share with you my sweet memory at disneyland over the years. 

Let's begin with 2004, here is the picture of me at Downtown Disneyland, now a lot of stores that was there before, it isn't there anymore. I love playing with photoshop so when I have time, I play with my pictures, add a little light and contrast, whoala, you have a new picture. The store that carry the big giant yellow ducky isn't there anymore, kindda sad; so happy that I brought this when  the store is still there, this is probably the most expensive toys I ever brought, around $200. I went there by myself, the lady brought the ducky out to the edge of the parking lot and I was there waiting, so exciting. When I got home, I put a rug on the floor and put ducky on top and roll it into my room. 

and here we go being our trips at Disneyland, whoa, I was so skinny back then, ~~~~~~~~~~~~ and also remember how cheap the ticket price is ? just recently Disneyland has raise their prices and annual pass too. whoa, it looks like I'm alone in Disneyland, so cool.....

at 2007, I didn't have annual pass but we decided to go to the Disneyland halloween hunt, I've been to the others but never Disneyland and I didn't realize this one has no maze and it's only for kids. but we had fun, watching the kids dress up and get candy. remember even if you have annual pass you still need to purchase tickets. I wore an orange tshirt and I had a cat in the hat tall hat.

2010, a little older and a little (huh)...... anyways, we decided to get annual pass, cuz we are CA resident we can pay monthly, you put down some down payment and give them your credit card and they'll start charging you every month, back then, they took your picture and it's on your pass card. we also got the parking pass too. back in 2010 you don't purchase annual pass at ticket booth, you have to go into one of the building to purchase and take your pix. now, you can get it at the ticket booth. as you can see, I love orange color. 

again, remember this guy? I love chip n dale.

2011, still have the annual pass, it's one of the S. CA level, so we can't go on the block out dates, you can check out block out dates on their website. one tip on getting the ice cream on main street, go before lunch hour, less line cuz everybody's either on rides or at lunch. go between 11am-12pm, don't go between 12-1pm, huge crowd and you won't be happy waiting your ice cream too long. and sometimes the small outdoor ice cream shop across the street will open, so if you don't want to wait for this one, go across the street. 

gotta try the new Star Tours ride, it's almost the same as the old one, I don't feel there's anything new. I wish they add more stuff on the ride and make it longer, wait in line 30-40 mins for a less than 4 min ride. 


I should be the spokesperson of Disneyland or in their commerical. haha.

2012, yeah one of the best year we had at Disneyland cuz we finally got the premium annual pass, it might be the most expensive level but it has its benefits. first of all, it includes parking pass, and it gives you more discount compare to other level 10-15%, at the premium level you get 15-20%, all you have to do is go to Disneyland more than 5-6 times a year then you get your money back. over the years, cuz my birthday is at the summer time which is all block out at the other level. this is the first time ever in my life that I could spend my birthday at Disneyland, so exciting. First thing you got to do, go pass the main street before you go into Frontier land, there's a big stand that tells you how long the line is and there's a little stand next to it, there's where you get your free buttons. yes, i said "FREE!" sometimes they're willing to give you two, I collect most of it already. yeah~~~~ get a birthday button on your birthday, they wrote your name and the whole day, everywhere you go, Disneyland ppl will say happy birthday to you. 

just had my wonderful birthday lunch at the Blue Bayou, it's hot and I had my straw hat on, looks cool, putting on my backpack, I paint on my packback, I'm really proud of it. here's the Indiana Jones shop, the whip is pretty expensive, and me rubbing the Aladdin lamp inside the store making my birthday wish. 

going home with a bag full of gifts yeah~~~~~


shopping at the big store at main street, tip about these stores, during the hot hot summer time, if you want to stay cool go inside the store, and most of these stores are connected so you don't have to go out on the street to go to another store, just go from store to store. trying on hats to decide which one to get.

holding my sweet premium annual pass (I really hope they have more designs like the credit cards), in front of the famous corn dog red cart at the end of the main street.

had ice cream in one hand but I still want more, I actually brought the lollipop for decoration, it looks cool and cute but I just don't think that I can eat it all. just so wonderfully cheerfully happy with my ice cream, not just ice cream but ice cream on a waffle cone, I was not able to have this when I was a kid. haha, now I'm a happy grown up adult.

across the street to DCA California Adventure. 

what ! what ! more ice cream, this one is at the main street of DCA, they have a special red cart ice cream. 

back to Disneyland, we rarely go at night but it is really cool at night, less people, less screaming, you feel like you own the place. I went there on Hollyween, we didn't purchase the ticket so we were told to get out of the park by a certain time, but we still got couple hours, it is actually really cool. 


me enjoying my lunch at Disneyland

Everytime I went to Disneyland I try to have lunch in different places, over the years, I try many type of foods, but I still am not able to dine in every single restaurants. I hope pretty soon, I could take more pix and taste more food at Disneyland. This is a cafe style, you pick an entree and side salad and drinks and you can also get some dessert like cake or fruit. At Disneyland, there's some healthy choice too, instead of fries you can pick fresh fruit, instead of pasta you can pick salad, there's also juice instead of soda, you can always ask the friendly server for alternative choices. 


if you really want to know more about the restaurants in Disneyland you can check out yelp.

sometimes if you are in a hurry to go to the next ride or you just got off from the ride and don't want to eat too much, you can get something to go, and find a quiet place to sit down to eat. 

I tend to stay away from California Adventure in the summer cuz it has less tree and less shade and it's hotter than Disneyland, here's me having lunch at DCA.

when you get out of Disneyland, you can still get some food at downtown Disney from food carts or restaurants, remember, if you have annual pass, you can still get discount at downtown Disney, just ask your server how much you can save. 

Somtimes I go to Disneyland at night, because it's dark, the pix I took is different from day time. 

here's more yummy lunch at Disneyland.

here's some tips I can give you for dine in at Disneyland, bring some snacks of your own, in case the line is too long and you need to chew on something before you get your food, don't eat too much, cuz it's just not healthy for tummy. for fried food, you can get napkin to wrap the food and it will take out some greasy oil, for snacks, only get 1-2 per day, don't have too much ice cream then cupcake then sweet apples. some restaurant you can ask to put salad dressing on the side so you don't eat too much dressing. always ask for discount if you have annual pass. I always have some empty sandwich bag or just plastic bag to put left over food, you can take the left over home or eat it later in the park when you're hungry, and you should research which restaurant you want to eat before you go, so you don't end up too hungry and don't know where to eat. or you can ask any friendly Disneyland worker where to find restaurants. 


more yummys from Disneyland

yeah more yummy food and snack from Disneyland, most of it are shape in the form of mickey mouse or has its main color - red and yellow.

some of the food that was originally sold in Disneyland is not available anymore, like this yummy fresh roasted peanuts. some of the yummy food are found outside Disneyland like the food cart next to the train stop on your way back to the parking lot. I love the funnel cake, there's many choices. next time on your way back to your car, you can stop by for a funnel cake.

the famous corn dog red cart, it's at the end of main street on the right side, but take a note, they will be closed on the hot day in the summer, cuz they don't want the worker inside the cart to get heat stroke. this is so popular there's even a yelp page for this red cart.


it has over 400 reviews. you can choose chips or apple. But food carts at Disneyland like corn dogs and popcorn and ice cream do not accept annual pass discount.

if you want to share the yummy food from Disneyland with the ones you love back at home, you can buy them snacks in a box with cute Disneyland smiles, they are everywhere in the shops in main street. 

this is the place to get all the yummy snacks, on the shelf, in the window display or just everywhere. this store is next to the ice cream shop on main street. This place has a new look cuz the some of the main street shops just had some construction work done. Can you spot the difference?

this is a same shop over at California Adventure, snack/candy shop next to the ice cream shop. there's a cool candy sweet mountain on display, next time you're there, you should check it out by the window. 

the apples are very expensive close to $10, but hey, it's Mickey candy apple. 

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