My Europe trip - France - Paris in the morning

In 2006, I went on a trip to Europe, even though this is call At Los Angeles but I thought it would be fun to share these pix with you. Let's start off with one of the bright glamour city in the world - Paris.

I guess I don't have to tell you where I am, this is one of the famous spot in the world but did you know when it was first built, it was consider ugly because the material. Citizens in Paris hated it at first and think it's a bad design and is not fitted for the beautiful city Pairs. As time goes by, people started to accept it and begin to love it and now it becomes one of the most famous spot in the world. It's beautiful in the morning, you can view 360 degree city view, it's more beautiful at night, it shines like a big yellow diamond. What's not pretty about this place is it's hard to go up, you have to wait with lots of people to get on this small elevator or you can choose to climb up and down hundreds of stairs. Ouch! I did however has the "opportunity" to climb down the stairs, whoa, what a workout. 


Lots of palace and lots of museum, who can remember the name? Just enjoy the pix, lots of gold color in the palace to show how rich the Kings and Queens are. Huge self portraits of oil paintings again, to show how rich they are. A lot of museum too, Paris is not only the city of fashion but also the city of art. As an artist, it is awesome to visit such a city, I want to go back many many more times. 

I regret that I didn't eat more pastry, they're famous for their pastry, so how come they're not fat? this is not fair. they're so sweet and tasty and yummy and so pretty just like fashion and art. 

Doing a little promotion here, I'm wearing the company hat "FH0" www.FH0.com, and the black sweatshirt I'm wearing is for the music label "EBBoy" www.ebboy.com, that I made it myself using iron on machine.


Rainbows of Color ~~~~

I love different colors and I love the rainbow color. Colorful things just makes you want to be happy and smile.

Here's a collection of my rainbow color pictures. Hope it will bring a smile to your face.

Different color gives you different mood, bright color makes you alert, happy and shock, darker color makes you sad, calm and peaceful. What about rainbow colors, what kind of mood are you in when you see these colors all together?


Most of the place that can get away with lots of rainbow color is of course the mall, shops, restaurants; because they want to attract customers, but can you handle it if your house looks like this?

Do you feel dizzy yet? so many colors, so many selection of food. At the supermarket, they put all kinds of food on display and different products has different color and it makes a beautiful rainbow color picture.


just blue blue blue

Blue is a sad color but it's also an very beautiful color, the blue sky, the blue ocean, the blue birds, the blue fishes. There's different hues of color so there's gotta be like thousands and even more different blues. Here's some of my pictures that I think has a cool blue color. Enjoy, and stay out of depression.

Did you spot the different hues of blues? It is very peaceful when you look at the blue sky and blue oceans. It is very deep and it's kind of able to make your time frozen, it makes you calm down and be relax and think further in a zen way. 

Had enough blue yet? Doesn't it feel calm and peaceful and so relaxing? Next time you feel blue, look up at the beautiful sky to see what kind of blue color it is today. Or go to the beach and look at the ocean, see the waves and feel the breeze in the air. 


Just Red ~~~~

Christmas is over but Valentine is coming, the color red is used in these two holidays, I thought it would be cool to show you some pix that's red. 

Red is the color of passion, alert and full of life. Red is the color used in the holiday Christmas and Valentine. Red means love and passion, the color red stands out anywhere. 

love McDonalds, red and gold is their main color.

There're many different colors of red, there's the bright red, orange red, darker red and brown red. 

Angry birds- the main character is the red bird, and red also means anger. 


Pictures with warm yellow lighting

I love the warm yellow lighting feeling, it makes you feel at home and warm and safe. A lot of the pictures I took have warm yellow lighting, here it is, enjoy!

There are many different lighting in the market, when you walk into home depot, you can find many different light bulbs. There's the white and yellow light bulb. I wish they would have picture next to the light bulb so you know what you're getting. A lot of the store would choose warm yellow lighting to make the customers feel welcome. It's all the market techniques to make you want to buy more things if you feel more welcome in the store.

So how do you feel after seeing how these different yellow lights, little lights and lots of lights, indoors and outdoors make a big difference. So next time when you're out either on the street or inside the store, pay more attention to the lighting, it might give you a different mood. 


Let's go shopping at Disneyland ~~~~

I love shopping at Disneyland, plus I got the premium pass so I got up to 20% off at the store. You can find almost anything at the Disneyland store, snack, food, clothes, keychains, toys, I-pod or I-pad cover, and more. 

Most of the stuff sold at Disneyland store are Mickey mouse items, some items are cheap like keychains and magnets and some items are expensive like watches and prints. The one thing I found that's not a good shopping experience at Disneyland is that you don't have a shopping cart, everything you have to carry by hand and take it to your car. And before you get to your car, you have to ride the train to the parking lot. You're not allow to bring suitcase or totes on wheels inside the park, one time, we brought it inside and they told us we are not allow to bring one. So the only way to buy a lot of stuff and larger items is to have your family and friends help you. 

You can get keychains with your name on it, and it's a very great gifts to buy for kids and adults. If you're a serious collector, be make sure to get items that you want when you see one, some of the items are limited by year and season. So get it or you're regret it. I'm not sure what they do with last year or last season's items and I don't think you can get it anymore. 

It's super cute, really special and if you live in LA area, you're lucky cuz you can buy these items. Other ppl living in other states have to travel here to buy these items. So shop and have fun and enjoy the happy memories at Disneyland.



the beautiful nights at the beautiful LA

LA is a beautiful city, so grab your cameras and start shooting pictures, now taking pix at night is tricky. Make sure you grab your best camera so it can capture the best picture. Try different angles when you take pix so you can capture different lighting. Some cameras is okay when taking pix on the move but some will turn out blurry. But sometimes blurry pix at night can turn into a beautiful pix. So the key is to take lots of pix so you can pick the one you like, and sometimes you might end up having some surprising good pix.

LA has beautiful weather, so when you take pix at night, the sky is clear most of the time. Try think outside the box when taking pix at night, take pix from below the night and see what happens.

Here's some of the night time pix I took of the beautiful LA downtown. 


Las Vegas Desserts, compare to LA desserts.

The last 2 posts are about LA desserts, now I want to show you Las Vegas desserts from the hotel buffet. can you tell the difference of the desserts between the two cities?

The desserts in Las Vegas are more fancy, smaller portion and more delicate, it's more like an art piece. Obvious it's more expensive if you buy these in the pastry shop, but since it's in the buffet, it's all you can eat, so you can get your money back and if you break down the price by pieces it's not as expensive if you buy it in the pastry shop. And also you can get creative, combine 2 or 3 desserts together to make one customize by you. How fun is that? And the color is amazing.

LA dessert is more about portion size, bigger and more the better. 

Desserts in Las Vegas looks like they're in a pastry competition, they're either in small or cute cups. They look so good, I don't want to eat it sometimes, feels like it's destroying a piece of art. 


Dessert Paradise ~~~~~

Who doesn't love desserts? Actually, desserts are the best part of the meal, I can't wait till I finish my food so I can start on the dessert. Remember on my last post, I said that I got this heavy Nikon professional camera? It give an new meaning of taking pix of your food. check out the different lighting.

Did you see the different lighting? it's take at the same angle but with the option of new technology you can have different color on the image before you even use photoshop.


Here's an example of same lighting but different angle of this delicious strawberry cheesecake at Monterey Hills Restaurant in Monterey Park, CA. So awesomely yummy!!! You gotta try it.

Here's turtle sundae at Joe's Crab Shack, it's a seafood restaurant, and I got this free on my birthday. it's vanilla ice cream with brownies and caramel sauce on top and some walnuts.

Claim Jumper's famous mother load chocolate cake. you will need to share just one slice with others. you can not and will not finish one slice by yourself.

Here's more yummy pasty.

Had enough? Nob? here's more dessert and pastry.

Before on birthdays, people only buy cakes, now you can get cupcakes, it's like a mini cake, everyone gets a cupcake and you don't have to cut it, or you can have donuts or ice cream cakes, there's so much choices for birthday cakes. Here's more cupcakes.




more yummy food, can you handle it?

I love food, just love love love, here's some more yummy pix of more foods that I took over the years. When I go to restaurants, I like to take lots of pix, I collect bottles, those last, but the food you ate at restaurant does not last long. So I took lots of pix, it's like my life diary. When I look at all these pix that I took over the years, I remember which restaurant I went and which place I visited. 

I love ribs, it's yummy but sticky, make sure you get lots of napkins.


Shakey's pizza, I had my first birthday party at Shakey's, it's so awesome, their salad isn't exactly luxury version but their fried chicken is so awesome and juicy and yummy. They have regular pizza and more expensive pizza and thin or thick are all good. They have a lunch special called Bunch a Lunch, it's all you can eat buffet, they have dessert pizza either oreo or apple pie pizza, can you imagine it?

So maybe now it's a perfect time that you can start your own food diary or life diary. It's fun and easy now with cell phone photo option. I recently brought a small tiny Nikon camera and I can take it anywhere I want, and everywhere I go I always carry my phone, if you mute the phone it won't make a sound when you take pix. If you're taking pix out in public, just avoid taking other people's face then you won't have any problem. I don't really have problems taking pix at the restaurant. I also have a lot of take out foods and before I eat it, I took pix so I can remember them.

I love the bento, it's Japanese lunch box, it has salad, California rolls, tempura and your choice of meat. 

I got a more professional Nikon camera, those heavy ones that you hang on your neck, it's awesome, it has different option when taking food, different lighting and check out these 2 different color.

I also like Vietnamese food, these are similar to the Chinese food spring rolls but instead of fried, they used rice paper, so it's softer and their sauce is different.

If you're a beginner taking food diary pix, you can start by taking 2 different kinds of pix, one closed up on the food, one far away to take the whole scenery. you can take pix from the top, from the side, or turn it in different angle to make it look interesting. I love my pix, they look different and very interesting. Use your own visionary and play it with color, try to put different food together to make it like a painting. 


closed up

here's different shape of this free strawberry cheesecake I got on my birthday.

more Shakey's pizza bunch a lunch buffet only $7 per person, drinks not included.

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