Santa Anita Arcadia Mall

I want to talk about this awesome mall in LA, it is at the north of LA, in a town call Arcadia, it is next to Santa Anita race track, it used to be one of the biggest race track in the world. it has lots of parking and it's one of the top luxury mall in LA. most ppl know it as Arcadia mall but technically it is called Santa Anita mall. it is one of the Westfield mall that has malls around the world not just in the US.

this is a big park in Arcadia, but it's not free, it is the Arcadia Arboretum, it's famous for having peacocks walking around you, they're not afraid of ppl, and they're beautiful.

new addition of the mall, it's a trend to have malls nowdays to have some indoor and some outdoors. they have some beautiful covers so in the summer time, customer can feel cool. they have trains for the children to ride and nice seating areas too.

the center court of the mall

one end that has AMC and the foot court and outside the foot court some more restaurant like Cheesecake Factory.

outdoor resting area by Macys and parking, it has water fountain, beautiful flowers and rocks and Subway.

the new restaurant Red Robin by Macys, so Subway is not the only place you can get food, this is nice cuz food court is all the way at the other end of the mall.

to parking lot, this is a very nice parking lot and it's free.


My own collection of Snacks at home

Here's some collection of my own snacks and food at home. I like to get snacks from different markets like American, Asian and other market and also I dine out a lot so I have a lot of left over food from restaurants and fast food. When I go home, instead of putting it away or in the fridge, I take picture first. It's my collection of the precious things that I have, after I ate the food, the food's gone but not the pictures, I can always look back at the pictures or this blog to remember the yumminess of my snacks.


mango birthday cake

Japanese snack from Mitsuwa market, quite expensive but very good, but their expiration date come very soon, so remember to eat the snack ASAP.

a row of chocolate bars, did you know that dark chocolate is very good for your heart? but it's bitter, the most I can take is 70% dark.

Chinese milk hard candy, these are hard chewy candy made of real milk, there's milk, chocolate and green tea flavor.

one of my favorite food, Chinese sausage, you eat it with slices of raw garlic.

can you tell what it is? it's Godiva chocolate inside the Godiva bag, I love white chcoloate, so this is white chocolate stars and clusters with nuts.

I actually made these candies myself, I melt the candies and put nuts in it and put it on a stick, I think there should be more food and snack on a stick, it's fun to eat on the go.

love love love these, these are adult version of chocolate, there are real alcohol liquor inside the chocolate bottle, isn't it cute? they sell these in a cute wood box in Costco during holiday season.

these are the candy and snack and toys I brought from Europe, you think Japanese snack in LA is expensive? try European snack paid in euro.

candy sweet and different falvor of popcorn, you can buy this in Santa Anita Arcadia mall, if you buy the bucket, next time, it's half off the most expensive item.

can you believe this? pizza flavor chips, awesome, I wonder if there will be root beer flavor chips coming soon.


Bling Bling Lights and Colorful Signs around the City

I love looking at colorful and shining lights and signs, however it is not easy to take these pictures. Because unless you have an awesome expensive camera, when you move just a little bit, the lights will become a line and makes the picture blurry. here are some pictures of lights and signs around the city.


some of these signs no longer exist because most of the store will update their neo signs to attract customers and as the years passes, technology gets better and better so the store have to change to a better saving energy signs.


some of the signs and lights are small and some are big, but doesn't matter what, it makes your eyes wonder and somehow sees colorful lights makes ppl happy. it's colorful, it's bright, it's something you don't see at home. but beware don't look at it for too long, your eyes might not take it.

we all need lights to see, even in day time, the stores will turn on the light for the customer to see better and buy more things. nowdays, there are many different kinds of light bulb, some regular, some energy saving, some colorful, some for home use, some for industry use, some for small houses, some for big signs. there are so many kinds of lights.

and don't forget, some of the awesome sights of light were gather by small tiny lights, this is to teach us humans that if we all work together, we can make big dreams come true. and every single small tiny lights counts among the big awesome crowds.


visit the new Disney California Adventure - Cars Land! part 2

here's more picture of Cars land, this is Part 2!


isn't this funny? the orange cones are bigger than the humans

so many things to buy, if you're there on the grand opening day, they have limited edition items which is going to go up in value in the future. I thought if I go in June, I can still get some, but I was wrong, I only get the post card, I read on LA times that there's this girl who spends over $1,000 and she said she brought everything that's related to Cars land and probably will spend about $5,000 that day.


can you see the mountain in the background, can you guess what shape it looks like? it's the back seat of the cadillac car.



this is one of the last limited edition item from the grandopening, it's a tshirt of the red car with the grand opening date and it's annual pass holder exclusive.


visit the new Disney California Adventure - Cars Land! part 1

As you know, I have the Disneyland annual pass and recently I just upgraded to premium annual pass, if you want to learn more visit my earlier blog about Disneyland. Now, I want to tell you the new Cars Land at California Adventure I just visited yesterday. I can't wait to share my pictures with you. It cost Disney 1.1 billion to built and it takes years and finally it's hear, you can read about it in last week's LA times. The new additions are Buena Vista Street and Cars land, most of the other parts in CA adventure are still the same. And today I want to talk about the new Cars Land. CA adventure is design to make you experience different parts of California in one place. It has route 66, which is the signature road acoss Ca, there's a lot of pretty scenery and classic restaurant along the way. Buena Vista St is design to look like the earlier years of California life style. and there's Hollywood Land which is one of the most important place you must visit when you're in LA, Hollywood, the land of movies and dreams. those are the 3 parts I visited yesterday, it's way too hot to walk to other parts and I'll talk about it later.


Cars land is design from the popular cartoon "Cars" and I even have the red car wallet. I thought it would be bigger but I guess in CA land is like gold, there's not too much land to build more stuff so they only have 3 rides and few restaurants. the stores are way too small and there's not enough trees. I don't know if they havn't got time to plant trees or they want people to feel the hot California sun. Afterall, that's what Ca famous for, it's the sun, the beach, the movie stars. Not enough shades outside the restaurant for customer to sit and it's not fun to walk under the sun. and I can't image those people waited in line under the sun to get on the ride for almost 1-2 hours. So I skip the ride yesterday and I'm gonna wait for cooler times and after school started to not have to wait in line too long.

The details are awesome and great, obviously, this has been put a lot of thought in it, and they must did a lot of research. Everywhere makes you feel like you're back in time and walk on route 66. The main attraction is the Radiator Springs Racers, it is one of the most important place in the cartoon "Cars" and here it's an awesome ride. I read on the LA times that every time you take this ride, it'll take you to different route and you will see different landscapes. Neat, isn't it? Maybe next time I'll get a fast pass to get on the ride faster. the fastpass area is next to It's tough to be a Bug.

so a few advice for Disneyland, please plant more trees or put more those giant umbrellas, people are getting too hot to stay in Ca adventure. maybe put some of those mist spraying thing like Universal Studio and shades for people that's waiting in line. one of the nice thing being a premium pass holder is that everything is either 15% on food(except some snack area) and 20% on merchandise. I saved about $20-25 just in one visit and I only stayed half day. and you get to go in to both parks 365 days and it included parking. it's a very big deal to have free parking because parking is expensive.


want to get some gift cards? the min. purchase on gift card is $5, I collect gift cards so I buy gift cards at different store.

it's really funny to look at these cones, the orange cones that we often saw on the road when the crew is working on the road. so they built large size of cones for snack and every single cones sells different snacks. so you have to run from this cone to the next cone to get what you want to eat.

I just happened to saw this guy parading down the street so I took my camera, "Snap, Snap".


Quick tips on Saving Time and Money

I have some tips on saving time and money to share with you. Over the years as I live on this planet earth, I observed, lived, made mistakes and discover many things. I have found some tips in everyday life.

1. while waiting for your computer/cell phone/TV to turn on, you can walk away to do something else instead of just standing there waiting, you can do the same thing while microwave your food too.

2. do not drink water from yesterday, always get new water, and it's not good to use those plastic water bottle too many times too. cuz when you drink it with your mouth, it creates bacteria, when you leave it under the sun in the car, it creates bacteria, so only use it couple times and then recycle them. and if you have left over water from yesterday, don't just dump them out, use them to clean the sink or shower walls or even water the plants

3. turn off water while you're brushing your teeth

4. it's great to recycle but we don't want to walk out to the yard or garage to dump the recycle trash every single time we have something, so instead gather the paper/plastic bag you get from shopping and leave it at a corner of somewhere in your house, when you have newspaper, water bottle, soda cans or anything to recycle, just dump it there, and then when it's full, take it out; this way not only you save time and when you see the recycle bag at home, you will find more recycle things.



Junk Food Paradise, Sweet and high calories

Who doesn't love junk food, do you know anybody who doesn't love junk food? weather it's salty or sweet or fried or fast food, everybody wants a little junk food sometimes. why do they call it "Junk food" because it's pack with lots of salt or sugar and super high calories and it's bad for your heart and blood pressure. Isn't it sad that i'ts bad for us but it's also so delicious? you just can't stop eating it cuz it's yummy yummy yummy. it makes your mouth and tummy satisfy, it makes you feel happy that you're a human being cuz animals can't eat like this.


Love Love Love junk food and sweets and ice cream. Who doesn't? they're so special, it's like giving your tongue a massage, it's like giving your brain a day off, when you eat those junk food, it just makes all the problems go away. More More More! I want more junk food.



This is LA? really? Where is this place?

There's so many places in LA that I have never been, in fact many people might not even know this is LA and this existed. I have taken some picture that you might not recognize and you might be shocked to find out "This is LA?"

So maybe next time you can take your blackberry or Iphone or some other phone to take pix as you walk along some place that doesn't look like LA.


Does any of these places look familiar to you?



The Art of Arguing

I was just watching Bravo's reality show "Real Housewives of New York", they were going on vacation but 90% of the time, they were just arguing. They are suppose to relax and have a good time on vacation enjoying food and spa and beautiful environment. But really 90% of the time they were just arguing so I was wondering if people really just love to arguing to it's just a big misunderstanding.

People likes to stand up for themselves and have more opinion than the ancient times. In the ancient times, it's not easy to express your opinion, especially women and lower class. Nowdays, people can express what they think, what they feel, what they fear or what they sense. maybe too much expressing freedom cause too much arguing. Everybody was brought up in different family, parents, teachers and friends so everybody has different opinion on things. you can not find another person that thinks and act like you 100%, not your parents, not your children and not your friends and your spouse. so what do you do? Each side needs to talk about what they want and either they meet in the middle or walk away from the matter. but sometimes there's misunderstanding due to the way people communicate. sometimes when this person says something, he/she means this, but sometimes when another person says the same thing, he/she means another way. Friends and family argue the most even thought they spend more times than strangers, even thought they communicate in the past, even though they might share the same blood line. the closer you are to somebody the more you tend to argue.

I think maybe most people argue due to misunderstandin but they just keep on arguing even thought they know they are wrong, because their ego is standing in the way to make them fight more. each side wants to prove that they are right, who wants to show their weakness and they are wrong, right? so arguing starts with misunderstanding, follow by a boost of ego and ended with a big explosion that both sides are hurting. But some people just love to argue because it make people feels like they are strong and they meant something. it is very weird, but it is true. arguing to prove your point is like protecting your baby, but in this case, the baby is your point, your opinion. you want to show the world what you think about this matter and when someone else come in to prove you wrong, you want to fight back and tell them why they are the wrong one and you are the right one. We as human beings may never ever ends fighting and arguing.


the beauty of LA

Even though almost every movie's background is in NY, very rarely you will find major movies film in LA, but I think LA is a very fun and unique city. I love taking pictures, over the years, I have taken pictures using cell phone, regular camera, a more upgrade camera, here I want to share some of my pictures with you, I have selected a few that I think represend LA's beauty.


remember the times when we used to have to buy films and put it in? the film is 24 and 36 pictures only so we can not take too many pictures unless you're filthy rich. and you have to take it to special store or drug store to get devloped and you have to wait couple days or a week to get the result. now digital camera is so cheap that almost everyone has one. and cell phone has better technology and the picture from cell phone is pretty good too. around $100 you can get a regular camera that has about 3-5X zoom and around $200-300 you can get a better camera that has more than 10X zoom. so why not take more pictures of your life and have memories store in your hard drive.

you can use pictures to instead words to write a diary, it will show every single place you ever been to, ppl you talk to, and restaurant that you ate at, take pictures of yourself, you can see how over the years how you change. it is fun taking pictures, especially now you don't have to go out to devlope and buy films, just buy the memory card and extra battery and store it in your hard drive, you can make it as a CD to give to your family as gifts or print it out and store it in the scrapbooks or photo albums.

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