Disneyland annual pass


love love love going to Disneyland, if you're S. CA resident, you can go ahead get an annual pass. one of the benefit living in LA is that you're very close to Anaheim's Disneyland, this the first Disneyland in the world, maybe not the biggest but the one w/ the most history.

1. S. CA resident with zip code 90000-96199 can get S CA or S CA select annual pass. there's 4 level of different pass, the cheapest one is S CA select with almost every sunday blocked all summer and major holidays. this one is for ppl that have weekday off and don't want to go to the park on the weekend on vacation season. They now offer monthly payment that can deduct from your credit card every month for as low as $9.92 per person and down payment $80 or total $199. you get special hotel rates, Downtown Disney District discounts and dining discounts inside the park. dining means inside the restaurant and it does not include food carts that you see around the park. you can go inside the park 170 days a year.

2. for me, I choose S CA annual pass, you also have to the S CA resident but you get more days 215 days a year. down payment $80 and $15.75 a month total $269 a year. I also pick parking pass which gets you free parking but only on the available days not on blockout days. 1 year parking only on available day is almost $100 more. you get all the discount that was mentioned on the S CA select plus 10% off some merchandise store inside the park. if you're not sure ask before you purchase. you are blockout most summer days and almost all Saturdays but not Sudays.



3. if you have extra money and live really close to Disneyland then you can pick Deluxe $24.92 a month with down payment $80 and total $379 with 315 available days it's only blockout on some Saturdays and Christmas week. with all the discount above you can also get guided tour discounts

4. if you have lots of money to spend and live within 5-10 mins to Disneyland then this one is for you, Premium level with $34.92 a month and $80 down payment, that's total $499 a year and no blockout days at all, you can go on anyday of the year including Christmas and major holidays. you get 20% merchandise discount and it also include free parking. 10-15% dining discount at select restaurant inside the park, and free one year family fun magazine. and also each next year you renew they will send you one 20% off merchandise coupon at any store inside the park. I got 2 coupons because we have 2 annual pass and we've been using it. every $100 you spend you get $20 off. they will send you receipt by mail of your order and each month you don't have to do anything, your credit card will automatic deduct the monthly payment.

when we go to Disneyland in the weekday, you can see everyone at the entrance taking out their annual pass, before they used to put your picture but now they don't. when you first register for annual pass, you can bring your receipt that you print out at home and at the entrance just tell they you're here to get your annual pass and then they will direct you to the annual pass office to get your card.  sometimes when we dine inside the park, we forgot to use our card. so remember everywhere just ask them, "Do you take annual pass discount?" because after they charge you and you take out your card it doesn't count anymore.

there is one thing I don't like about the park, if you go there early, don't expect to find the restaurant open, most indoor restaurant opens at 11 or 11:30am, so if you're hungry you can only get corn dogs or turkey leg by the castle. not even the ice cream parlor is open, so ppl like me and my boyfriend who goes there just to eat have to wait till lunch time. right now CA adventure is going on major renovation at the front door, so I suggest don't even go there till they're done in the Summer 2012. also some store inside the Disneyland park is going on renovation too they're all open again Summer 2012, I guess they're prepare for a new look and ready to reopen fresh at the Summer of 2012. because summer is the most pack season in the park.

it is fun, it is full of history and don't forget to check out small shops and some place you don't really know that exist if you go there often. there's always some place new to go and some thing new to do and some place new to eat. explore and have fun.



love yourself more in an non selfish way

do you love yourself? most ppl would agree that they love themself, do you really? love yourself is not just treat yourself vacation once a year, or buy yourself a cup of coffee from starbucks, or go to a fansy expensive restaurant once awhile. and it certainly is not take from others and give to yourself what you don't deserve. love yourself is not eating out all the time with your favorite fast food or sitting at home lazy watching TV or get on the internet.

love yourself means to really love yourself spiritually. when others talk down on you at work, at home or at school, don't agree with them and go home and start yelling at yourself. when others ask you to do something you don't want to do, maybe it's because you're tired or you don't have time or you don't think it's the right thing to do; just don't do it. learn to say "no". love yourself also could be that if your parents want you to study a major that you don't want in college, you should tell them what you really want. if your children wants you to give them more allowance but your budget is tight this month, you should tell them. you might think that by pleasing others such as your parents, your boss, or your children is loving yourself, but it's not. when you please others too much and they don't notice or don't appreciate you, you just waste your time doing something you really don't want to do. and when those ppl don't even appreciate you or treat you with respect, you felt hurt and then you start blaming yourself. instead of confronting them and tell them "no". you lock yourself in your own blaming world and you start hating yourself and be really depress.

when you go to the mall with your friends, if you want to eat pizza but your friends wants Chinese food, do you let them choose what you want to eat? when you want to buy something in the store, but they told you not to buy it, do you let them choose what you like? when your boyfriend/girlfriend told you how you should spend your free time, do you let them just walk all over you and give no time for yourself. learn to say "no", learn to disappear once a while, learn to go to your own comfort zone, learn to have your own space, learn to pick the food/stuff you really want to buy.

of course love yourself in a non selfish way, you can't hurt others by doing 100% what you want, compromise, communicate, talk with the other person. maybe this week do whatever you want, and next week do whatever the other person want. don't go 90% or 10% try 50/50.


depression can be really bad for your health

depression Frown - everybody has it, i'ts just the matter that your level can be small or large, many words for depression: sad, unhappy; signs of depression: want to be alone, crying, lost interesting of everything, eat too much or too little, sleep all day, self hate, and many more. it's something we can't avoid and something that we can't shake it off. but depression is really bad for your health, it makes you fat, it makes you sad, it damages your brain, your thinking, it makes your regular life style change, you either sleep too much or too little or you either eat too much or too little. too much and too little of everything is not healthy.

if you have long term depression, it might even damage your health, from making your immune system weak to destroying your cells. it could lead to skin disease, head ache, body ache or even cancer. even if it's really hard to get rid of depression, but you gotta remember that you're not doing this for anyone else but yourself. if someone did you wrong, you get depress, then you get sick, is that someone going to share your pain? NO! they are living healthy and happy and doesn't even know that you're sick because of them. so why torture yourself and being so sick and destroying your own life? it's not worth it, yes, you might say, "well it's just not fair". well a completely 100% fair world does not and will not exist in this world.

if you lost money you can always make more money, if you lost your marriage, you can always find someone else, if you lost your youth, treasure the present before it gets too late, if you lost your friend, you can always find some new friends, if you lost your health, you might never get it back.

Depression is really bad for your health, yes, life treats you unfair, do you want to add more pain to your body physically and mentally?



after Valentine sale at drug store

I love after holiday sale especially at drug store, yesterday Feb 15, 2012, me and my boyfriend went to Walgreens to have a big after holiday shopping spree. even though it's raining but it's fun. we focused on Walgreens cuz we went there before Valentine so we knew what we already want to get. the one I want is Emily chocolate dip fortune cookie, I love buying fortune cookie from Panda Express. so couple yrs ago my boyfriend got this for me, it's in a red Chinese to go box, so cute! but it's expensive $1 per cookie, the box has 6 giant fortune cookie and it cost $6, I just think it's too expensive to buy before Valentine, so we actually went to 2 Walgreens the day after and at the last store we got 2 boxes (yeah!!!!! horray for me) Laughing

my boyfriend grabbed the chocolates and I focused on the singing stuff animal. I got a green frog that sings "umbrella" dance version and a white dog with red nose/ear, how cute is that. the only thing you need to remember is that sometimes the store don't have time to put the 50% off sale, but most drug store will have after holiday sale, before you spend time grabbing stuff, ask a cashier to make sure. and the thing to remember is that it's only the Valentine theme bag that's on sale, for ex. M&M with Valentine theme bag design is on sale but not the regular one. and ask the cashier which aisle is it, sometimes there're some in the front and some on the side. so we got both chocolate and stuff animals, total $40 so it's a $40 saving. YEAH!!!

we went the day after before noon, and most of the stuff is still there, so if you really want to nail the sales with more selection, get up early go to the store the very next day and you will be happy hard work will pay off. and if you really want to go further, you can actually check all the drug store in your area the week of the holiday or couple days before the holiday to see which store you will to go after the holiday.




I'm addicted to drive through

drive through is a modern culture scene, it saves time, you don't have to get out of the car, you can still listen to your music or clean your car while you wait, it is an unique scene in LA, most of other city don't have this kind of scene. in LA, everybody drives, and people do a lot of stuff on the go, of course do not use cell phone for safety. sometimes we have a lot of things to take care of during my boyfriend's day off, so in the morning, we don't have time for breakfast and we always stop by Jack in the Box for breakfast. usually there're only 2-3 cars in front of us, their breakfast is serve all the time, so you can have it at lunch or dinner(AWESOME!!! can McD do the same thing too?) and you pay with credit card, you don't have to worry about getting the correct change. just make sure what you order is what's showing on the screen, sometimes the cashier is super busy, they will forget something. and most importantly be sure to park not too far from the window, I'm pretty short so I have to park closer to the window. when you get your food in the paper, be sure to take a quick look, cuz sometimes they will mess up, look for the syrup or sauce you're suppose to get and if you need extra napkin or straw, be sure to ask. sometimes in my experience, they will forget straw or napkin. and receipt is important too cuz it has the last 4 digit of your credit card number.

it's fun, and when you have a busy day ahead or you already have a very tired day, drive through is awesome, now you can even get Starbucks drive through, well not in every single city. I wonder what's next for drive through, it would be great if stuff like we need everyday can all get a drive through. right now the one that has drive through is fast food, drug store prescription pick up, coffee/drink shop, bank ATM, weddings (in Vegas of course), market. here's some suggestion for more drive through ideas, quick law advice, chain restaurants, 7-11, lottery tickets, dry clean, online order and quick pick up at the store.






buy giftcard at restaurant during holiday season & get extra !

I love buying giftcards at fast food and restaurants, here's why

1. usually they never expire and all you have to do is at least use it once a year to avoid $1 fee, so you can use it all year long or next year or next next year.

2. you get extra 15-20% more, for ex. buying $100 gift card gets you $120 in

total or buying $80 gift card gets you $100 total, that's not all, if you are enrolled in certain credit card cash bonus program, you get addition 5% cash back on your credit card. I used Discover card from Oct-Dec every year to purchase food gift card, fast food and coffee store counts as restaurant too. so here's the math, I spend $80 buying a $100 gift card and plus I get $5 extra on my credit card cash back. it's win win situation.

3. I collect gift cards, they usually come in holiday theme during the holiday season and every year there's different design, so if you like pretty cards or just want something different than looking at your credit card you can start getting gift cards for yourself.

4. if this gift card is a gift, the person that receive it won't know how much you really pay for it(you pay for it 15-20% cheaper than the actual value), so when they give you the same value gift back, you receive greater gift than the one you give.

5. sometimes if you buy more than $100 you'll ever get a surprise small gifts, one time, I got a glass mug full with candy from Claim Jumper. 

just remember to organize your gift card and group the same store together so you know how many you have and next year you can buy other store's gift card. and every year they might change the rules, so be sure to watch out for holiday promotion via email or in the store.


saving tips plus coupons online

if you want to save money on shopping and store and restaurants, you can sign up your favorite stores email list. this is if you have lots of time to go over tons of email a day, I usually received 15-30 emails a day from stores I sign up. they will send you online or store coupon, and will update you with new stores opening and new products. if you don't like it or you feel they send you too much email you can modify it, some site lets you receive email once a day/week/month. or you can you unsubscribe.

you need to have lots of time and patience to go over all these emails. but you can get discounts, coupons and heard about promotions earlier than most people. this is how I know which store has buy 1 get 1 free or buy 1 get 1 50% off, sometimes they let you try new product for free when it first came out and benefits for new store grand opening. I take it as a fun way reviewing your favorite store/restaurant and look at the pretty pixture everyday. some coupon use for stores only, you can print it out or you can keep in your phone and show them the coupon code when you visit. be sure to check the exp. date, some expire soon some expire up to 3 month later. so you can manage which store/restaurant to visit first and which one to save it for later. of course you want to use the most benefit to you first. like the most discount or buy 1 get 1 free. you can also group it by area, so if you know today you're going to a certain area, you can gather all the coupon in that area when you go visit.



Valentine @ San Pedro w/ lots of seafood

Valentine is Tuesday but we spend it on Monday, it's raining, hmmm. how romantic is that? we decided to skip romantic indoor restaurant and get the most of our money. if you like seafood in LA, try San Pedro. they get fish righ at the spot, they're next to the ocean so you dont have to pay the extra money you often spend at restaurnats. we always go to Crusty Crab, 1146 Nagoya way, berth 79, San Pedro, CA 90731, 310-519-9058. they open pretty early, try go there in the weekday and sit outdoors(you can skip tips). when you sit outdoors, you're next to the ocean, the ship, seagulls and sometimes a sea lion might surprise you.  

we always order calamari(it's fried, it's chewy it's yummy) everywhere we go, and since it's Valentine, my sweetie said I can go ahead order king crab legs(bigger than snow crab leg), we had lobster last time so we want to try something new. salmon plate and steamed clams. holy moly, they are so salty, my boyfriend said it's becaues they used salt water to clean the cook seafood. but I just think it's so super salty so I have to keep chewing on french fries. you can choose either soup or salad. outdoor has two section, one under the roof and one under the sun, so depending on your mood you can choose where you want to sit. the section outside Crusty Crab is usually with less people cuz most people go next door with lunch special. we figure since we drove about 20-30 mins to there to eat seafood, we should go all the way out. in the weekend they have alcohol/smoothie station open but it's more crowded. if you need to use the restroom you can go inside the restaurant or they have public ones.

after a wonderful raining lunch(feels like we're in Maine eating fresh seafood), we always get pistachio ice cream, it's vanilla ice cream with different flavor syrup, pistachio is awesome, you gotta try it! after a wonderful seafood meal, you can walk along the ocean, enjoy shops and old England style buildings. there're also chain restaurant at the end. there's so much food to choose from, it's not too cold or too hot, it's fresh seafood, parking is free. you can drink alcohol or smoothie or soft drinks and after meal you can enjoy some ice cream for dessert. you can take a short or long walk, you can go the museum next door. if you want bring some seafood home with you, we recommend you to buy a plate of shrimp, it's a lot of shrimp with flavors and big garlic bread. when you left San Pedro, don't forget to go over the Vicent Thomas Bridge, it's the green color bridge and it makes you feel like you're crossing Brooklyn to New York.




I will soon start posting.  I promise it will be very interesting,

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