visit the new Disney California Adventure - Cars Land! part 2

here's more picture of Cars land, this is Part 2!


isn't this funny? the orange cones are bigger than the humans

so many things to buy, if you're there on the grand opening day, they have limited edition items which is going to go up in value in the future. I thought if I go in June, I can still get some, but I was wrong, I only get the post card, I read on LA times that there's this girl who spends over $1,000 and she said she brought everything that's related to Cars land and probably will spend about $5,000 that day.


can you see the mountain in the background, can you guess what shape it looks like? it's the back seat of the cadillac car.



this is one of the last limited edition item from the grandopening, it's a tshirt of the red car with the grand opening date and it's annual pass holder exclusive.


visit the new Disney California Adventure - Cars Land! part 1

As you know, I have the Disneyland annual pass and recently I just upgraded to premium annual pass, if you want to learn more visit my earlier blog about Disneyland. Now, I want to tell you the new Cars Land at California Adventure I just visited yesterday. I can't wait to share my pictures with you. It cost Disney 1.1 billion to built and it takes years and finally it's hear, you can read about it in last week's LA times. The new additions are Buena Vista Street and Cars land, most of the other parts in CA adventure are still the same. And today I want to talk about the new Cars Land. CA adventure is design to make you experience different parts of California in one place. It has route 66, which is the signature road acoss Ca, there's a lot of pretty scenery and classic restaurant along the way. Buena Vista St is design to look like the earlier years of California life style. and there's Hollywood Land which is one of the most important place you must visit when you're in LA, Hollywood, the land of movies and dreams. those are the 3 parts I visited yesterday, it's way too hot to walk to other parts and I'll talk about it later.


Cars land is design from the popular cartoon "Cars" and I even have the red car wallet. I thought it would be bigger but I guess in CA land is like gold, there's not too much land to build more stuff so they only have 3 rides and few restaurants. the stores are way too small and there's not enough trees. I don't know if they havn't got time to plant trees or they want people to feel the hot California sun. Afterall, that's what Ca famous for, it's the sun, the beach, the movie stars. Not enough shades outside the restaurant for customer to sit and it's not fun to walk under the sun. and I can't image those people waited in line under the sun to get on the ride for almost 1-2 hours. So I skip the ride yesterday and I'm gonna wait for cooler times and after school started to not have to wait in line too long.

The details are awesome and great, obviously, this has been put a lot of thought in it, and they must did a lot of research. Everywhere makes you feel like you're back in time and walk on route 66. The main attraction is the Radiator Springs Racers, it is one of the most important place in the cartoon "Cars" and here it's an awesome ride. I read on the LA times that every time you take this ride, it'll take you to different route and you will see different landscapes. Neat, isn't it? Maybe next time I'll get a fast pass to get on the ride faster. the fastpass area is next to It's tough to be a Bug.

so a few advice for Disneyland, please plant more trees or put more those giant umbrellas, people are getting too hot to stay in Ca adventure. maybe put some of those mist spraying thing like Universal Studio and shades for people that's waiting in line. one of the nice thing being a premium pass holder is that everything is either 15% on food(except some snack area) and 20% on merchandise. I saved about $20-25 just in one visit and I only stayed half day. and you get to go in to both parks 365 days and it included parking. it's a very big deal to have free parking because parking is expensive.


want to get some gift cards? the min. purchase on gift card is $5, I collect gift cards so I buy gift cards at different store.

it's really funny to look at these cones, the orange cones that we often saw on the road when the crew is working on the road. so they built large size of cones for snack and every single cones sells different snacks. so you have to run from this cone to the next cone to get what you want to eat.

I just happened to saw this guy parading down the street so I took my camera, "Snap, Snap".


eating at Disneyland, so many choices, so little time

I love the food at Disneyland, I almost finish all the different restaurant at Disneyland, even thought it is a little expensive, but what can you do? unless you are willing to eat the sandwich and chips you brought from home, you have to pay for the food in Disneyland, they have food for different age, for adults, they have BBQ chicken and ribs, hamburger, sandwich, for kids, they have pizza, chicken finger, but for everybody, they have yummy snacks and desserts. if you have annual pass, you can get 10% off and 15% off for premium pass. the pass discount only works at the restaurant and some food stand. always be sure to ask and show you pass before they ring you up, cuz after they ring the cash register, they can't give you discount anymore.


a few unique food that you won't find anywhere else outside Disneyland is chocolate covered banana in the ice cream stand outdoors, super thick corn dog by the main street corn dog stand, pineapple ice cream at the Tiki juice bar by Adventureland, soups in bread bowls in different locations, special non alcohol mint julep lime juice by New Orleans Square's French market and of course the one and only Mickey mouse shape waffle. to view all the restaurant online check out.


it tells you what they offer and the price range, some of the more expensive restaurant offers reservation, so you can call ahead of time. (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463

yeab, even their napkins has Mickey mouse design, how fun is this.


can you guess where this is at in Disneyland?

I have Disneyland S. Ca annual pass, so besides the blockout dates, I like to go as often as possible, now let's play a little game, the picture I took below are not regular Disneyland pix, but can you guess where this is at in Disneyland?


I have been to Disneyland for over 20 years, some of the place has changed and some are still the same. they have added new food, new stores and almost every time I go there, there are new items at the shop. I can tell you that until this day, I still havn't gone to every single place at Disneyland, I wish they made more stop for the railroad cuz right now there's only 4 stops, it would be easier for ppl just need to go to a certain area but didn't want to walk. it is a lot of walking, consider that you have to start walking after you get off the parking lot and more walking after you got in.


It is really super fun, just remember don't go on raining day or super hot day, and always eat breakfast before you go, because by the time you can eat something at Disneyland it would take 1 hour after you arrived. and most restaurant don't open till 11am so you have very limit selection. try to read the map the night before at home and figure out where you want to go and where you want to eat. I have a maps at home from different times and I even started collecting them. I have marked every single place and ride that I have been so I know what's left for me to go next time. if you are lots of energy, walk, but if you don't want to walk too much, take the railroad instead.



ice cream shop at Disneyland Anaheim, CA

There's a couple ice cream shops at Disneyland Anaheim, CA. the most popular one is at the left side of main street, called Gibson Girl ice cream parlor. it has a jade green elephant decor and it looked very classic. but I don't like it's open too late around 11pm, come on, you can't offer ice cream earlier? and most ppl eat ice cream after lunch, so if you go there btw 12:30-2:30pm, it's packed with ppl, there's at least 7-12 customer in front of you, and most ppl don't just order 1 or 2, you often see father ordered about 3-5 ice cream for all the kids. and there's only a few table inside to sit.




if you want less line and cheaper ice cream you can just go across the street, it's called Main street cone shop hosted by Dreyer's. funny, why do they have 2 ice cream shop at the same place? but anyways, it is a quicker way to get ice cream, because it's not a shop with seats. most ppl might not know about this place so there's fewer lines.

and there's a hidden ice cream place in Adventureland called Tiki juice bar, hosted by Dole. this place is actually introduced to me by the girl that sold popcorn in main street. so sometimes you can talk to ppl worked at Disneyland to ask them some special place to go.


it's a small stand and if you don't know it's selling ice cream you probably pass it right by. I've been going to Disneyland for over 20 yrs and I don't even know about this place. but there's always a line, so anywhere if you sees a line, go wait in line doens't matter what they sell. it's mainly pineapple, it has just the juice or just the ice cream or you can have both. first time I was there I was a little worry because pineapple is sour, so I got the pineapple ice cream but I see a l lot of ppl got both, the pineapple juice and ice cream together. so next time I'll try that. it is refreshing and new kind of ice cream and it's awesome to eat in the hot summer day.


Here's more picture of different ice cream in Disneyland. do you know which shop they're from?


hidden awesome Restaurant inside Disneyland Anaheim, CA, Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue

one of the best restaurant in Disneyland, Anaheim CA might also be the best BBQ in LA. it is called BIG THUNDER RANCH BARBECUE 


located at the end of Disneyland by Toontown and Frontierland. it is really far so if you're like me and my boyfriend just going to Disneyland to eat, you can take the Railroad by the front door when you get in. there's no stop by Frontierland so you either have to get off at the 1st stop - New Orleans Square and walk towards Frontierland or you can get off at 2nd stop - Toontown and walk back. it is a little further if you get off at the 1st stop but if you don't like a lot of noise that made by kids, don't get off at Toontown. this restaurant is actually marked "Don't miss" on the Disneyland map.


it's all you can eat style, now before you think the price is too expensive, think about most of the 1 entry in Disneyland everywhere else is around $10-12, so to pay about $15-$35.99 for all you can eat is great. $21.99 lunch and $2.99 for drinks and dinner is $24.99, so I think $15 is either for vegetairan or dessert. dessert menu is ranch hand sundaes and old fashioned ice cream floats, seasonal cobblers, fresh strawberry shortcake or a family-style cookie bake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge. dessert is charge extra and price varies. lunch is till 3:40pm and it is barbeque chicken and ribs, cole slaw, ranch beans and cornbread. dinner starts at 4pm and it is the same as lunch plus smoked sausages and corn wheels.


I think the chicken is more special than the ribs, but my boyfriend liked both. the corn bread comes with little butter and beans are great. the one I love the most has to be the chicken. it has a sweet taste which is rare. it is not buffet but all you can eat style. so if you need any more food, just ask the server. the server is dress up in Western cowboy cowgirl style. the food is a little slow I guess it takes a long time to cook so make sure you go there a little early. if you don't like loud noise, DO NOT SIT BY THE FRONT ROW. the first time we went there, we sat at the front row. it is so loud. and all the parents are mocking around our table to take pix of their kids on stage. they have performance, singing and music and it is fun. I also love the little glass they put drinks in. it just taste so awesome, I love half coke and half diet, but the server called it coke zero. it is so good, probably the greatest half coke half diet drink I ever had. for 2 ppl, everything is enough but the chicken, so just ate the chicken first and ask for more. it comes in a very cute bucket, everything is like Western style, and it is so cute and fun. first I don't like the loud noise and the long wait but after I taste the chicken and drink it is so awesome.


Vegetarians can also eat here, their menu is barbecue skewer with potatoes, squash, bell peppers, mushrooms and tofu. I don't know the price because I didn't know they offer this. you can also call ahead to make reservation at (714) 781-DINE or (714) 781-3463. I just think it's so far and if you walked the whole day and have to go all the back at the end of Disneyland, it would not so tired. I really wish they offer to go box just for the meat. I really think Disneyland should offer a to go service by the front gate for all the famous dishes in the park.

Havn't tried the dessert yet but I will next time I go back, this is a DO NOT MISS spot not only in Disneyland but also in LA. great experience and fun and awesome great delicious food.



Disneyland annual pass


love love love going to Disneyland, if you're S. CA resident, you can go ahead get an annual pass. one of the benefit living in LA is that you're very close to Anaheim's Disneyland, this the first Disneyland in the world, maybe not the biggest but the one w/ the most history.

1. S. CA resident with zip code 90000-96199 can get S CA or S CA select annual pass. there's 4 level of different pass, the cheapest one is S CA select with almost every sunday blocked all summer and major holidays. this one is for ppl that have weekday off and don't want to go to the park on the weekend on vacation season. They now offer monthly payment that can deduct from your credit card every month for as low as $9.92 per person and down payment $80 or total $199. you get special hotel rates, Downtown Disney District discounts and dining discounts inside the park. dining means inside the restaurant and it does not include food carts that you see around the park. you can go inside the park 170 days a year.

2. for me, I choose S CA annual pass, you also have to the S CA resident but you get more days 215 days a year. down payment $80 and $15.75 a month total $269 a year. I also pick parking pass which gets you free parking but only on the available days not on blockout days. 1 year parking only on available day is almost $100 more. you get all the discount that was mentioned on the S CA select plus 10% off some merchandise store inside the park. if you're not sure ask before you purchase. you are blockout most summer days and almost all Saturdays but not Sudays.



3. if you have extra money and live really close to Disneyland then you can pick Deluxe $24.92 a month with down payment $80 and total $379 with 315 available days it's only blockout on some Saturdays and Christmas week. with all the discount above you can also get guided tour discounts

4. if you have lots of money to spend and live within 5-10 mins to Disneyland then this one is for you, Premium level with $34.92 a month and $80 down payment, that's total $499 a year and no blockout days at all, you can go on anyday of the year including Christmas and major holidays. you get 20% merchandise discount and it also include free parking. 10-15% dining discount at select restaurant inside the park, and free one year family fun magazine. and also each next year you renew they will send you one 20% off merchandise coupon at any store inside the park. I got 2 coupons because we have 2 annual pass and we've been using it. every $100 you spend you get $20 off. they will send you receipt by mail of your order and each month you don't have to do anything, your credit card will automatic deduct the monthly payment.

when we go to Disneyland in the weekday, you can see everyone at the entrance taking out their annual pass, before they used to put your picture but now they don't. when you first register for annual pass, you can bring your receipt that you print out at home and at the entrance just tell they you're here to get your annual pass and then they will direct you to the annual pass office to get your card.  sometimes when we dine inside the park, we forgot to use our card. so remember everywhere just ask them, "Do you take annual pass discount?" because after they charge you and you take out your card it doesn't count anymore.

there is one thing I don't like about the park, if you go there early, don't expect to find the restaurant open, most indoor restaurant opens at 11 or 11:30am, so if you're hungry you can only get corn dogs or turkey leg by the castle. not even the ice cream parlor is open, so ppl like me and my boyfriend who goes there just to eat have to wait till lunch time. right now CA adventure is going on major renovation at the front door, so I suggest don't even go there till they're done in the Summer 2012. also some store inside the Disneyland park is going on renovation too they're all open again Summer 2012, I guess they're prepare for a new look and ready to reopen fresh at the Summer of 2012. because summer is the most pack season in the park.

it is fun, it is full of history and don't forget to check out small shops and some place you don't really know that exist if you go there often. there's always some place new to go and some thing new to do and some place new to eat. explore and have fun.


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