Cute and colorful Snacks!!!

Here's some snacks that I had over the years, it's hard to take pix of these delicious food because I just want to eat it. But I want to keep a memory of how beautiful and delicious these snacks are so I took out my camera snap pix quickly. After I took pix, I can start enjoying these delicious food. Yum Yum.

Snack doesn't just smells good, taste good, it has to look good, company and stores try to make the food looks good with colorful design and even the packaging has to look good and delicious too. 

I love to eat some snacks after meal or in between meal, it just brings a little heaven to my stomach and makes me smile.

how many calories can you guess are in each dish? who cares? just eat it!!!! live your life and eat some snacks.


Las Vegas Desserts, compare to LA desserts.

The last 2 posts are about LA desserts, now I want to show you Las Vegas desserts from the hotel buffet. can you tell the difference of the desserts between the two cities?

The desserts in Las Vegas are more fancy, smaller portion and more delicate, it's more like an art piece. Obvious it's more expensive if you buy these in the pastry shop, but since it's in the buffet, it's all you can eat, so you can get your money back and if you break down the price by pieces it's not as expensive if you buy it in the pastry shop. And also you can get creative, combine 2 or 3 desserts together to make one customize by you. How fun is that? And the color is amazing.

LA dessert is more about portion size, bigger and more the better. 

Desserts in Las Vegas looks like they're in a pastry competition, they're either in small or cute cups. They look so good, I don't want to eat it sometimes, feels like it's destroying a piece of art. 


Dessert Paradise ~~~~~

Who doesn't love desserts? Actually, desserts are the best part of the meal, I can't wait till I finish my food so I can start on the dessert. Remember on my last post, I said that I got this heavy Nikon professional camera? It give an new meaning of taking pix of your food. check out the different lighting.

Did you see the different lighting? it's take at the same angle but with the option of new technology you can have different color on the image before you even use photoshop.


Here's an example of same lighting but different angle of this delicious strawberry cheesecake at Monterey Hills Restaurant in Monterey Park, CA. So awesomely yummy!!! You gotta try it.

Here's turtle sundae at Joe's Crab Shack, it's a seafood restaurant, and I got this free on my birthday. it's vanilla ice cream with brownies and caramel sauce on top and some walnuts.

Claim Jumper's famous mother load chocolate cake. you will need to share just one slice with others. you can not and will not finish one slice by yourself.

Here's more yummy pasty.

Had enough? Nob? here's more dessert and pastry.

Before on birthdays, people only buy cakes, now you can get cupcakes, it's like a mini cake, everyone gets a cupcake and you don't have to cut it, or you can have donuts or ice cream cakes, there's so much choices for birthday cakes. Here's more cupcakes.




more yummy food, can you handle it?

I love food, just love love love, here's some more yummy pix of more foods that I took over the years. When I go to restaurants, I like to take lots of pix, I collect bottles, those last, but the food you ate at restaurant does not last long. So I took lots of pix, it's like my life diary. When I look at all these pix that I took over the years, I remember which restaurant I went and which place I visited. 

I love ribs, it's yummy but sticky, make sure you get lots of napkins.


Shakey's pizza, I had my first birthday party at Shakey's, it's so awesome, their salad isn't exactly luxury version but their fried chicken is so awesome and juicy and yummy. They have regular pizza and more expensive pizza and thin or thick are all good. They have a lunch special called Bunch a Lunch, it's all you can eat buffet, they have dessert pizza either oreo or apple pie pizza, can you imagine it?

So maybe now it's a perfect time that you can start your own food diary or life diary. It's fun and easy now with cell phone photo option. I recently brought a small tiny Nikon camera and I can take it anywhere I want, and everywhere I go I always carry my phone, if you mute the phone it won't make a sound when you take pix. If you're taking pix out in public, just avoid taking other people's face then you won't have any problem. I don't really have problems taking pix at the restaurant. I also have a lot of take out foods and before I eat it, I took pix so I can remember them.

I love the bento, it's Japanese lunch box, it has salad, California rolls, tempura and your choice of meat. 

I got a more professional Nikon camera, those heavy ones that you hang on your neck, it's awesome, it has different option when taking food, different lighting and check out these 2 different color.

I also like Vietnamese food, these are similar to the Chinese food spring rolls but instead of fried, they used rice paper, so it's softer and their sauce is different.

If you're a beginner taking food diary pix, you can start by taking 2 different kinds of pix, one closed up on the food, one far away to take the whole scenery. you can take pix from the top, from the side, or turn it in different angle to make it look interesting. I love my pix, they look different and very interesting. Use your own visionary and play it with color, try to put different food together to make it like a painting. 


closed up

here's different shape of this free strawberry cheesecake I got on my birthday.

more Shakey's pizza bunch a lunch buffet only $7 per person, drinks not included.


My own collection of Snacks at home

Here's some collection of my own snacks and food at home. I like to get snacks from different markets like American, Asian and other market and also I dine out a lot so I have a lot of left over food from restaurants and fast food. When I go home, instead of putting it away or in the fridge, I take picture first. It's my collection of the precious things that I have, after I ate the food, the food's gone but not the pictures, I can always look back at the pictures or this blog to remember the yumminess of my snacks.


mango birthday cake

Japanese snack from Mitsuwa market, quite expensive but very good, but their expiration date come very soon, so remember to eat the snack ASAP.

a row of chocolate bars, did you know that dark chocolate is very good for your heart? but it's bitter, the most I can take is 70% dark.

Chinese milk hard candy, these are hard chewy candy made of real milk, there's milk, chocolate and green tea flavor.

one of my favorite food, Chinese sausage, you eat it with slices of raw garlic.

can you tell what it is? it's Godiva chocolate inside the Godiva bag, I love white chcoloate, so this is white chocolate stars and clusters with nuts.

I actually made these candies myself, I melt the candies and put nuts in it and put it on a stick, I think there should be more food and snack on a stick, it's fun to eat on the go.

love love love these, these are adult version of chocolate, there are real alcohol liquor inside the chocolate bottle, isn't it cute? they sell these in a cute wood box in Costco during holiday season.

these are the candy and snack and toys I brought from Europe, you think Japanese snack in LA is expensive? try European snack paid in euro.

candy sweet and different falvor of popcorn, you can buy this in Santa Anita Arcadia mall, if you buy the bucket, next time, it's half off the most expensive item.

can you believe this? pizza flavor chips, awesome, I wonder if there will be root beer flavor chips coming soon.


Junk Food Paradise, Sweet and high calories

Who doesn't love junk food, do you know anybody who doesn't love junk food? weather it's salty or sweet or fried or fast food, everybody wants a little junk food sometimes. why do they call it "Junk food" because it's pack with lots of salt or sugar and super high calories and it's bad for your heart and blood pressure. Isn't it sad that i'ts bad for us but it's also so delicious? you just can't stop eating it cuz it's yummy yummy yummy. it makes your mouth and tummy satisfy, it makes you feel happy that you're a human being cuz animals can't eat like this.


Love Love Love junk food and sweets and ice cream. Who doesn't? they're so special, it's like giving your tongue a massage, it's like giving your brain a day off, when you eat those junk food, it just makes all the problems go away. More More More! I want more junk food.



Just some fun pictures of food.

I love eating, who doesn't? food is important and either if you cook at home or you dine out at the restaurant. it is fun, it is exciting, you can eat different kinds of food and dessert and snack. you can drink from wine to ice tea to sodas. I love taking pictures and here's some fun pictures of food that I want to share with you.



I just love taking pictures, of course it is taking a lot of time. when you sit down at a restaurant and you see the food coming, you want to clean your hands and start eating. but since I have to just take pictures of the food almost everywhere I go, I have to stop everybody from digging in and wait for me to take pictures. I like to take it from different angles, I love taking weird and fun pictures not just ordinary pictures that you can see everywhere.


Landry's Select club dining

I'm a member of the Landry's select club, their website is www.landrysinc.com

here's the benefit after you pay a one-time $25 enrollment fee.

  • $25 Welcome Reward (you get your $25 enrollment fee back right back, but you can't use it on the first time)
  • $25 Birthday Reward (you can use it any day in your birth month, so you just made $25 extra)
  • Priority Seating (some restaurant are busy and this can save you some time)
  • $25 Reward for Every $250 You Spend (so you better start eating)
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Retail Benefits (some restaurant have retail store and it offers 10% off)

the reason why I join is 3 of the restaurant I visited in LA is on there: Claim Jumper, Rainforest Cafe, and Bubba Gump. and just be sure to remember the date you purchase and spend at least over $250 per year. and everytime you dine any of the restaurants remember to give them the card so they can input the dollar amount you spend as points.

Rainforest Cafe(www.rainforestcafe.com) is a theme restaurant and it's not only for kids, it's for everybody, it's fun, it's loud, and it's exciting. be sure when you go to the restaurant to look around, there's surprise in every corner, there's a electronic animal live show once every 15 or 30 minutes, there's a bar for adults if you don't want to sit with kids. there's a retail store that you can shop while you wait for your food. so the theme is obviously rainforest, it will makes you feel that you are Indiana Jones dining in an adventure world.  

Bubba Gump(www.bubbagump.com) is a seafood them restaurant, well, not as fancy as Rainforest Cafe but pretty cool too. you sit at the wood bench table and the bucket they give you has Bubba Gump logo, in case you're wondering, yes this is from the movie "Forest Gump". they have different types of seafood and different ways to cook shrimp, there's a retail store too (remember you can get 10%), I just love going to theme restaurants, they're so much more fun.

Claim Jumper(www.claimjumper.com) is a chain restaurant that has a mining theme. Everywhere you look in the restaurant you can feel the mining decor. it is really cool. But I just love the baby back ribs, almost everytime I go there, I order the ribs.  

this is the Widow Maker Burger, the name is weird but it's delicious. I rarely eat anything else besides this and entree salad and baby back ribs, so I can't really tell you how the other dishes taste like. but you have to try this dessert, Mini Hot Fudge Sundae, it used to call the World's smallest Sundae then they change names. it is awesome, small but good because it's not too much, trust me, after you eat a big plate of salad and burger and ribs, you would want to have something just small. they have small size dessert like cupcake and cookie and declair, but you go with a big family or friends or company you can try their big giant size dessert. it might be the biggest cake you ever see, it is the Chocolate Motherlode Cake, 6 layers all chocolate. it is so good. one time I got it for free from their promotion and I ate some and take some home and we still enjoy it couple days after that.  


love going out to eat, it's fun it's exciting it's relaxing

I just love going out to eat, either it's sit down at the restaurant or drive thru, it's fun, it's exciting and it's relaxing

here's some of the reason and picture of the food I took, let's see if you can guess which LA restaurant this is.

1. you don't have to cook, someone will cook for you. how great is this? 

2. you don't have to plate your food, someone else will plate it for you and bring it to your table, well, unless it's buffet style 

3. you have so many selection to choose from, from appt to entree to drinks.

4. you have so many restaurant to choose from, LA has many style from Asian to American to fast food to seafood and to many more.

5. you have people serve you, doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, once you step into a restaurant, there will be someone to serve you.

6. if you're young, and you dine out with your family or older people, they will pay for you. if you're a girl, your boyfriend or husband will pay and you don't have to.

7. you don't have to wash dishes, that's the best thing about going out to eat, you can make a mess on the table or your plate, and you don't have to clean up, but don't forget to leave tips.

8. DESSERT !!! yeah, have some sweet after the meal, it's awesome ~~~

9. the restaurant decor is unlike your kitchen or living room or your car, it looks luxury, it looks fancy and some restaurant have themes and some just looks pretty. you feel so good sitting down at a place that you are eating wonderful food with your mouth and your eyes too. and you feel so relaxed.


I'm addicted to drive through

drive through is a modern culture scene, it saves time, you don't have to get out of the car, you can still listen to your music or clean your car while you wait, it is an unique scene in LA, most of other city don't have this kind of scene. in LA, everybody drives, and people do a lot of stuff on the go, of course do not use cell phone for safety. sometimes we have a lot of things to take care of during my boyfriend's day off, so in the morning, we don't have time for breakfast and we always stop by Jack in the Box for breakfast. usually there're only 2-3 cars in front of us, their breakfast is serve all the time, so you can have it at lunch or dinner(AWESOME!!! can McD do the same thing too?) and you pay with credit card, you don't have to worry about getting the correct change. just make sure what you order is what's showing on the screen, sometimes the cashier is super busy, they will forget something. and most importantly be sure to park not too far from the window, I'm pretty short so I have to park closer to the window. when you get your food in the paper, be sure to take a quick look, cuz sometimes they will mess up, look for the syrup or sauce you're suppose to get and if you need extra napkin or straw, be sure to ask. sometimes in my experience, they will forget straw or napkin. and receipt is important too cuz it has the last 4 digit of your credit card number.

it's fun, and when you have a busy day ahead or you already have a very tired day, drive through is awesome, now you can even get Starbucks drive through, well not in every single city. I wonder what's next for drive through, it would be great if stuff like we need everyday can all get a drive through. right now the one that has drive through is fast food, drug store prescription pick up, coffee/drink shop, bank ATM, weddings (in Vegas of course), market. here's some suggestion for more drive through ideas, quick law advice, chain restaurants, 7-11, lottery tickets, dry clean, online order and quick pick up at the store.





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